Rock-n-Roll Perfect Cat*UA

A Winerau's Ceylon of Perfect Cat*UA,
MCO e (22)

Justcoons Julius Cesar of Winerau, MCO a 22 09

Ch. A Winerau´s Tracy,
MCO fs

Vens Passion Porthos, MCO n 22 09

Langstteich No'Velle, MCO f
Yankee Cats Only Smokie, MCO ns

A Winerau Naomi,
MCO f 22

Langstteich L'Playback, MCO n 09 22
CH Willowplace Lucky Star, MCO n 22
Langstteich P'Non Plus Ultra, MCO as
Langstteich DD'Ambiente, MCO f

GIC Yankee Cats Garibaldi, MCO d 22
BigSinclairs Peggy March, MCO as 09
A Winerau James Dean, MCO n 22
Magic Lake First Lady, MCO f 22

Ch. (WCF) A Winerau's Xenia of Perfect Cat*UA,
MCO f 22


Int.Ch. Quiggley of Magic Lake*DE, MCO d 22

Ch. Justcoons Crazy Diamond*DE, MCO f

GIC St.John Avalon, MCO ns 09 22,

CH Witchbreeds Mauna Loa, MCO fs 22

Aloa Nifty Wolf, MCO as


Langstteich No'Velle, MCO f

CH Coonyham Buster Brown, MCO n 09 22
Colocoons Silver Sprite, MCO fs

Witchcats Smoke On The Water, MCO ns 09
Witchcats Little Hellfire, MCO f 22
CH Allycoons Bright Star, MCO es
Mountaineer Wannaway Jezebel, MCO g 22
Langstteich P'Non Plus Ultra, MCO as

Langstteich DD'Ambiente, MCO f