PEDIGREE venecia


Venecia Perfect cat*UA


Ch. (WCF) Kansas Perfect Cat*UA
MCO n 23 03

Int.Ch (FIFe) Fogo Hogo z Matrixu*CZ
MCO n 09

Int. Ch (WCF) Cuba Perfect Cat*UA
MCO f 22

Tarzan of Midnight of Colony*CZ
MCO n 22
Kiss Me Trinity Hairy Majesty*CZ
MCO f 23 09
Int. Ch.(WCF) Bently Perfect Cat*Ua
MCO d 22

GICh. (WCF) Babette Top Coon*Pl,
MCO f 22
E.Ch. Carter O'Connor Alwaro, MCO d 22
Int.Ch. Donna Diana Di Sidonia A, MCO f 09
GIG Aurik New of Hairy Hope, MCO n 23 09
Jessica P.Women of Gently Lions MCOd22 09
E.G.Ch. Electric Light Silvi-Cola*Pl, MCO ns
GICh. Babette Top Coon*Pl, MCO f 22
JW GICh. Asterion Cat Cabaret, MCO d 22
GICh. Wiktoria Alwaro*Pl, MCO f 22

Int.Ch.(WCF), Ufacoon's Aviva of Perfect Cat,
MCO gs 22


W.CH (WCF) Lioncoon's Ulrich
MCO e 22

Bajuncat's Zabava Putyatichna
MCO ns 22

DGC (TICA) Superstar's Sandokhan
MCO n 22
Ch. (TICA) Arctic Coon's Sher
MCO f 22

Gr.Int.Ch. Lapcat's Calypso
MCO n 22

Royal Mainly's Yashika Dancer
MCO fs 22 03
ECh Willowplace Shakari MCO n 22 09

ICh Thunderball's Bellis MCO a 22
GICh. Racoones Don Juan, MCO n 22
GICh. Arctic Coon's Ibiza Sunrise , MCO d 22
Ch. Mountaineer's Pink Tiger MCO es 23
Ch. Lapcat's Gibsy MCO n 22
Laszloi Napoleon MCO ds 22

RW Royal Mainly's Indulala Dancer MCO n